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Calibrate flow 3D printer

Calibrate Flow for 3D Printer: An Engineer Approach

FLUID FLOW CALIBRATION FOR 3D PRINTING, AN ENGINEERING APPROACH Calibrate flow for a 3D printer can be determined by fixed and variable values. These are for proper extruder multiplier calculations.  Fluid flow is affected by a variety of factors such as force, temperature, material density, material type, friction, and restriction. These are the principles and […]

7 solutions for 3D printer filament storage

7 Solutions for 3D Printer Filament Storage 

We all know that when it comes to 3D Printing, these two monsters are always a nightmare.  While Nano Diamond PLA+ is stronger, humidity and dust are two pains when storing filaments. These may include PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, and TPU.  As some of you might know, most FDM 3D filaments don’t repel water. It […]