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About Us

The Copier and Toner Store, is sincerely driven to help you make the best possible lease, purchase, or rental decision.

We will provide you with the best solution that suits your needs.

Our Products

Printers – Copiers (Used & New)

Our extensive inventory of late model equipment will accommodate all of your rental needs.  Buying or leasing for your business will help you to save money.


Toners & Parts (OEM & Generic)

We sell OEM and Generic toners and parts. Each business is different, so we work with your individual needs to find the right one for you.

3D PLA+ Filaments & Custom parts

One of the highest quality 3d printer filament available.  Made in the USA and with American sourced materials.  Don’t miss our promotions and new releases.

Office Printers:

Should I Buy or Lease it?

You’ll face this dilemma when you’re starting a business.

This is can be a very important decision for your business. For instance, if you decide to purchase a copier and over the next few years, you discover a great business opportunity, and take advantage of it if you had the extra capital (cash). A lease would allow you to do this.

Lease a Copier 

A copier is an integral part of any office or working environment. However, when it comes to findign the best copier or MFP for your business, you don’t necessarily have to invest in your own machine – Lease a copier.

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