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7 solutions for 3D printer filament storage

7 Solutions for 3D Printer Filament Storage 

We all know that when it comes to 3D Printing, these two monsters are always a nightmare. 

While Nano Diamond PLA+ is stronger, humidity and dust are two pains when storing filaments. These may include PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, and TPU. 

As some of you might know, most FDM 3D filaments don’t repel water. It means that if you leave your spools open air in a humid place, they will most likely get damaged. 

Light Blue PLA - 3D Printing

Consider airtight containers, vacuum-sealed pouches, or desiccant solutions to prevent these two quick monsters damage your product.

These 3D printer filament storage solutions will prevent decreased print quality and nozzle clogging during printing. We all know how frustrating it is to clean and change nozzles due to these two monsters. These may also affect how the flow of your printer will extrude.

Consider extras like dust filters and filament clips. These are tiny elements that slide through the filament during the printing process. This solution wipes out any potential threat before it reaches the hot end of your printer.

Consider at least one of the following 3D printer filament storage solutions:

Storage Solutions You Can Buy

Filament Storage Boxes

There are plenty of solutions designed for storing 3D printer filament. They include automated drying capabilities, scales, and temperature indicators. With their digital screen, you can set your temperatures and drying times.

These boxes are designed to contain from one to two spools. They also have internal programming to feed the printer while using it. Boxes can usually fit either a big spool of 150 mm or two of 70 mm. 

Price range: $35-170

Dry Cabinets

These dry cabinets are the new champions in the industry that came to destroy these two monsters. They are originally designed for photography equipment. In addition, they are marketed for other humidity-sensitive products. We believe that they are a perfect solution for 3D printer filament storage.

dry cabinet - solution for 3d printer filament storage

Due to their looks and functionality, these 30L to 125L can be easily confused with wine refrigerators. You can set the temperature and humidity levels inside the cabinet with a digital screen they usually possess. Our champions’ features include LED interior lights, keys and locks, and shelves that you can adjust to your needs. 

Price range: $120 – $700

PrintDry Filament Storage Vacuum Sealed 

The airtight filament container is specifically designed for storage. This PrintDry Storage has no feeding or drying features. There is a small vacuum valve in the middle of the container. Use the hand pump to vacuum the air. These containers have space for only one filament at a time. You can also add a packet of desiccants for better storage. 

DryPrint - solution for 3d printer filament storage

Price range: $110 for a pack of 5

Homemade 3D Filament Storage Solutions

3D Printer Filament Dry Box

You can create this yourself by printing some gadgets and a tool kit. It will end up being like any other Filament Box Dryer on the market. The capability of how many spools it can hold will depend on the size of your plastic box. 

DIY 3D filament box - solution for 3d printer filament storage

Price range: $40 – $60

Airtight Roller Bin

This would be the biggest champion to fight against our monsters. This type of bin has many sizes. Make sure that you measure your workspace before purchasing one. This roller container can be easily tucked under a desk or table. The advantage of this is that you can store many spools. The disadvantage is that you need to take out all the rolls to get the one on the bottom. 

Airtight bin- solution for 3d printer filament storage

Price range: $25 – $40

Vacuum Storage Bags

There are plenty of options for vacuum bags for 3D printer filament storage out there. These usually come with a hand pump or use your house vacuum cleaner. You can add silica gel that works as a desiccant before sealing these. Make sure to find a vacuum bag to fit a 1kg spool. A recommendable size would be 16 by 24 inches.

vacuum bags - solution for 3d printer filament storage

Price range: $23.99 for eight bags

Zipper plastic bags

These bags are simple solutions compared to 3D printer filament boxes, but they do just as good of a job as any other airtight container. By having indicator strips that change color with humidity, you will be able to control your product easily. These are more durable than the standard food ones. 

zipper bags - solution for 3d printer filament storage

Price range: 16.88 for 5 bags

Bonus Tips

Dust Filter

Here we have another champion to beat one of our worst nightmares, The Dust. You can print the dust filter that clips on your filament. It should contain a small sponge or fabric to wipe the dust or contaminants. This happens while the filament passes through and feeds the printer. 

Dust Filter - - solution for 3d printer filament storage

Price range: Free download. Just print it. 

Filament Clip

So you finished printing. Don’t worry about the loose end does not reach the hole around the edge of the spool. You can use this Filament Clip. This clip fits on the outer rim of the spool, or it can hold your filament. 

Filament Clip - solution for 3d printer filament storage

Price: Free download. Just print it.

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