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ASA filament datasheet

ASA Filament Technical Datasheet

What is ASA Filament?  ASA filament (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) is an amorphous, synthetic thermoplastic that works best in material extrusion printing. Since it’s a high-impact material, you can produce functional parts for automotive applications, electronics, tooling, and more. ASA filament has high weather and UV resistance, making it great for outdoor applications. Even though this […]

3D Print Layer Shift

3D Print Layer Shift

What is 3D Print Layer Shift? There is no solution for the 3D print layer shift problem after it happened. That is why it is crucial to learn how to prevent it. In a few words, layer shifting appears when subsequent layers of your print are offset from the previous ones. Regardless of the printer […]

Color-Changing Filament PLA and PETG

What is our Color-Changing Filament? | PLA & PETG

In general, color-changing filament represents thermochromism in 3D printing. This means that the color of the material changes based on its temperature. Materials utilize this phenomenon through Leuco dyes used in color-changing items. In addition, using Leuco dyes will help you achieve a gradient from warmer (lighter) to colder colors (darker). In the 3D printing industry, Leuco […]

Why Drying Filament is Important - 3 solutions

Why Drying Filament Is So Important

Drying filament is one of the most important things you should consider when doing 3D printing projects. Be aware that all FDM 3D printing filaments absorb moisture (hygroscopic). Moisture is one of our greatest enemies. But don’t worry, we are here to provide the best solutions to fight this monster.  Before we dive into how […]


PETG vs PLA: Which One Should I Use?

Before starting your next printing project, it is important to understand the differences between PETG vs PLA. Though they are similar in several ways, there are still significant differences between the two filaments. PETG and PLA are two thermoplastics that belong to the polyester group of plastics. Known for ease of printing, these two soften […]

3D print warping problem

How to Prevent 3D Print Warping

If you notice that the corners of your 3D models are bending and starting to deform while you are printing, then you might be suffering from 3D Print Warping. Spots that are bending are a huge problem because they can cause separation from the bed and may cause the entire print to fail. Also, this […]