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Xtreme PLA | High-Performance PLA Filament

Xtreme PLA | High-Performance PLA Filament

Our Xtreme PLA Filament Series is a High-Performance PLA filament made with one of the finest polylactic acid biopolymers. Manufactured in the USA, our Xtreme PLA Filament is designed to achieve seamless and accurate 3D prints. Thus, It is prepared to take your daily 3D printing to the next level.

Xtreme PLA Filament New Features

This new High-Performance PLA filament series will provide a great experience for your daily printing. Thanks to its blend with Nanomaterials, this High-Performance PLA is tougher and easier to print with.

It also has less hygroscopic, less clogging, better layer adhesion, and less stringing. In initial tensile testing of the filament, the Xtreme PLA HP showed more than 10% improvement over the base PLA and 20% in overall performance.

Red Xtreme

With no twisted spools, you will be able to enjoy not having to keep an eye on your prints until its complete. You will be able to notice the difference in the smoothness of your 3D printing.

Xtreme PLA Colors Available

Working With a High-Performance PLA Filament You Can Trust

We understand how important it is to maintain performance while printing a prototype. Our material experts designed a High-Performance PLA filament to avoid fluctuations in your projects. We always recommend having storage solutions for your filaments.

Xtreme Diameter measuring 3d printing models

This Xtreme PLA Filament Series is a game-changer experience that will deliver your parts as you intended them to be. We crafted this High-Performance PLA filament to ensure that your 3D printing parts are as strong, clean, and functional as possible.

Xtreme PLA Filament Best Uses

Our High-Performance Xtreme PLA filament is mostly used for:

  • Drones
3D printed drone
  • Cosplay
Sword 3D printed cosplay
  • RC Cars
RC car 3d printed xtreme pla
  • Strong Masks and Helmets 
Helmet 3d printed xtreme pla

The Importance of Diameter Consistency

End products are as good as the materials used to create them. Also, having consistency in your printing is crucial since it directly impacts the quality of the finished product. That is why we provide the most accurate PLA filament in terms of precision and diameter.

 Diameter measuring Advanced PLA Filament

The engine of the slider calculates the volume of filament that will be disposed of on every layer. With a constant of 1.75mm, you will be able to appreciate how steady the diameter will be.

High-Performance PLA Filament Controlled Production

We upgraded our facilities with multiple sensors and detectors to provide the best results. Ensuring that each 3D filament batch is our number one priority. Apart from measuring and controlling the diameter, weight, and precision, we also focus on the color.

3D Filament Factory Manufacturers

When the process of switching colors starts, some rolls will have a gradient between the previous color and the next. We use a color-analyzer tool to provide the accurate HEX color you always receive.

Xtreme PLA Technical Specifications

Precision +/- 0,03 mm

Diameter: 1,75 mm

Weight: 750g / 1,65lbs

Printing temperature: 190°C–220°C

Heated bed: 60–70°C

Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 3 in