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Luminy LX175 PLA Pellets | 20kg/44lbs
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Luminy LX175 PLA Pellets | 20kg/44lbs

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  • Plastic Grade: Luminy LX175 PLA
  • Melt zone: 180-190°C
  • Color: Transparent/Clear
  • USA Bio Preferred Program Certified
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Luminy® LX175 PLA Pellets have a high viscosity, low flow, amorphous, transparent PLA resin suitable for film extrusion, thermoforming, or fiber spinning. PLA (Polylactic acid) is a bio-based polymer derived from natural resources. It offers a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to oil-based plastics

In this case, Total-Corbion has engineered this Polylactic Acid named Luminy LX175, which has all the great hallmarks of Raw PLA pellets. In addition, it does not require a heated bed for printing, is made from renewable sources, and is non-toxic.

PLA Pellet Price & Bulk Options

  • $34.99 – Vacuum Sealed PLA Pellet Pouches of 1.5kg/3.3lbs
  • $90.00 – Sealed PLA Pellet Pouches of 10kg/22lbs
  • $7,250.00 – Super Sealed PLA Pellet Bag of 1250kg/2755lbs

LX175 PLA General Information

Luminy® LX175 PLA pellets have a biobased carbon content of 100% according to EN 16785-1 under certificate number DIC-00001. In addition, Luminy® LX175 PLA is certified 100% biobased according to ASTM D6866 under the USA Bio Preferred Program.

Luminy LX175 PLA Specifications

Bio-based content100.0 %ASTM D6866, EN 16785-1
Density1.24 g/cm³Literature value
Residual monomer0.30000000000000004 mg/kgTotal Corbion PLA method
Water content0.04 %max., Coulometric Karl-Fischer
Ultimate breaking strength 6%ASTM D882

With the combination of LX175 PLA Pellets and a good filament extruder, it is possible to obtain high-quality 3D printing filaments such as IIIDMAX.

The extrusion temperature must be regulated in relation to the extrusion speed used when using PLA Pellets to make filament. It applies when using a filament extruder or using a pellet extruder for direct 3D printing.

Also, the temperature suitable for melting these PLA Pellets is around 180-210°C. For higher extrusion speed, the temperature can be increased to 240°C. However, there is a risk of small air bubbles appearing in the filament. For optimal results, make sure to preserve and store your PLA Pellets correctly.

Store Your PLA Pellets Correctly

To prevent your PLA Pellets to absorb moisture from the environment, seal them in an airtight bag or crate. If the pellets have moisture in them, the filament to be manufactured may contain small imperfections. Once the filament has been manufactured using PLA pellets, it is also recommended to store the filament in a dry place, in an airtight bag, or in a dryer. This prevents the filament from absorbing moisture, thus obtaining better results during 3D printing.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in


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