3D Printer Bed Adhesion | PLAce Holder
3D Printer Bed Adhesion | PLAce Holder
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3D Printer Bed Adhesion | PLAce Holder

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Glass Bed Adhesion Solution Holds 3D prints on the bed for a perfect print every time! One application lasts up to 80 prints and sometimes more, depending upon the print arrangement.

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Glass Bed Adhesion Solution

Holds 3D prints on the bed for a perfect print every time!
One application of this 3D Printer Bed Adhesion product lasts up to 80 prints, and sometimes more.

NOTE: PLAce Holder™ is sensitive to oil from your hands. It can be damaged by gouging with tools such as a spatula or similar. If either of these happens, clean the surface as described below. If badly damaged, clean the bed with hot water and dawn dish soap. Then, apply a new surface of PLAce Holder™ per the instructions below. It is one of the best 3D printer bed adhesion solutions in the 3D printing industry.

Instructions for application:

  1. Heat the bed to 60°C.
  2. Place only the glass on the bed.
  3. Using a fine-haired brush apply PLAce Holder™ in a thin layer using even brush strokes.
  4. Smooth out any pooling.
  5. Wait for the (first) layer to cure (color becomes opaque when dry).
  6. Apply a second layer as described above, BUT at a 90° angle (perpendicular) to the first coat.
  7. Wait for the second layer to cure, approximately 5-min., until the coating is of a uniform color and there are no ‘glossy’ spots. If there are glossy spots apply an additional layer of coating (a total of three layers maximum).
    • Additional Instructions:
  8. DO NOT TOUCH THE BED WITH YOUR BARE HANDS. The oil from your hands will reduce adhesion. IF YOU DO TOUCH THE SURFACE: brush the surface with 90% alcohol.
  9. Do not remove the print until the glass has cooled. When cooled, the 3D print will lift off easily.
  10. Surface touch-up should be done with a fine brush wetted with water while the bed is hot.

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