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Ricoh MP C4504ex Multifunction Color Laser Printer – 96k Page Count

The RICOH MP C4504ex balances powerful performance and customized convenience with affordability. Print colorful output at up to 45 pages per minute (ppm). Use standard PostScript and PDF Direct Print emulation to process your biggest jobs easily.

  •  Prints up to 45 ppm, copy, scan, optional fax
  •  1200 x 1200 dpi max print resolution
  •  Paper capacity of up to 4,700 pages
  • Use RICOH Intelligent Support and automated finishing features to improve productivity


You can add the optional Hybrid Staple less + Stapler Finisher for staple-free or stapled document sets, based on the size of the job. Also, you will avoid outsourcing costs by taking advantage of bright colors and sharp text up to 1200 dpi resolution. 


Ricoh MP C4504ex Multifunction Color Laser Printer - 96k
Ricoh MP C4504ex Multifunction Color Laser Printer - 96k zoomed

Upgrade MP C4504ex For Productivity

Download the MP C4504ex/ MP C6004ex brochure. Also, get the latest cloud servicessoftware drivers, and universal print drivers for your MP C4504ex multifunction color laser printer. Some updates are immediate and other capabilities will be released over time. Use RemoteConnect Support to share your Smart Operation Panel with our experienced technicians for fast, easy troubleshooting. 

Keep Your Information Mobile

Download the RICOH Smart Device Connector app to the MP C4504ex / MP C6004ex without drivers, utilities, or software.

Use your personal mobile device to access information in the cloud and print it on the device

Because the device recalibrates continuously, every page maintains a professional look. 

Add the optional Fiery E-23C Color Controller for superior spot-color reproductions. This multifunction printer uses laser toner cartridges.

 Ricoh MP C4504ex Page Counter

Copier: Color 873
Copier: Black & White 3753
Printer: Color 56859
Printer: Black & White 34677
Color Total 57732
Black & White Total 38542

Multifunction Printer Configuration

System Reference

Machine ID C737M640908
Total Memory 1898 MB
Total Counter 96272
Firmware Version Printer [1.09 / D0AF5570J] System [1.23 / D0AF5571F] Engine [1.16:04 / D0AG5503G] LCDC [—- / —-] NIB[15.79 / D0AF5567T]
Device Connection
HDD: Front/Macro Download Free Space 20418832 KB, Disk Capacity 20418864 KB
Printer Language RPCS [3.18.30] PCL 5c [1.16] PCL XL [1.16] Adobe PostScript 3 [1.05] Adobe PDF [1.05]
Attached Equipment Lower Paper Trays
Consumption Status Black Toner Remaining = 3/5
Cyan Toner Remaining = 1/5
Yellow Toner Remaining = 2/5
Magenta Toner Remaining = 3/5
Tray Priority Tray 1
Bypass Tray 11 x 8 1/2 Plain Paper 2 – Tray Locked
Tray 1 11 x 8 1/2 Plain Paper 2 
Tray 2 12 x 18 Plain Paper 2 
Tray 3 12 x 18 Plain Paper 2 
Tray 4 12 x 18 Plain Paper 2 
Auto Del. Temp. Print Jobs Off 
Hours to delete  8
Auto Del. Stored. Print Jobs On 
Days to delete 3
4 Color Graphic Mode Photo Priority 
Tray parameters (PLC)  Auto Select
Tray Parameters (PLC) – Tray 1  
Tray parameters (PLC) – Tray 2  
Tray Parameters (PLC) – Tray 3  
Tray parameters (PLC)  – Tray 4  
Tray Parameters (PLC) – Bypass Tray  
Tray parameters (PLC) – Tray 1  
Tray Parameters (PS) – Tray 2  
Tray parameters (PLC) – Tray 3  
Tray Parameters (PS) – Tray 4  
Tray parameters (PLC) – Bypass Tray  
Print Error Report Off 
Auto continue Off 
No. of pages to judge jobs 3
Store and Skip Errored Job Off 
Memory Overflow Do not Print 
Error display setting  All
Autocncl Conf for PDLErrJb Do not display
AutoCncl Prt Jobs on Err  Off
Rotate Srt: AutoPapr Contn Off 
Rotate by 180 degree Off
Print Compressed Data Off 
Memory usage Frame Priority
Duplex Off  
Copies 1
Blank Page Print On 
Reserved Job Waiting Time Short wait
Printer Language Auto
Sub paper size Auto
Paper Size 8 1/2 x 11
Tray Setting Priority – Bypass Tray Driver/Command (Size Error)
Tray Setting Priority – Tray 2 Machine Settings
Tray Setting Priority – Tray 4 Machine Settings
Default Printer Language PCL
Extend Auto Tray Switching Off
Restrict Direct Print Jobs Off
Letterhead Setting Auto Detect
Tray Setting Priority – Tray 1 Machine Settings
Tray Setting Priority – Tray 3 Machine Settings
Edge to Edge Print Off
Tray Switching Off
Jobs Not Prntd As Mach Off Do not Print 
Switch Initial Screen Job List
Form Lines 60
Font Number 0
Font Pitch 10
Nimbus Mono Font Regular
Append CR to LF Off
Toner Saving Off
Orientation Portrait
Font Source Resident
Point Size 12
Symbol Set PC-8
Extend A4 Width Off
Resolution 600 dpi (standard)
Job Timeout Time (Seconds) 0
Wait Timeout Time (Seconds) 300
Switching Between 1&2 Side Print Active
Resolution 600 dpi (standard)
Color Setting Super Fine
Process Color Model Color
Gray Reproduction Black/Gray by K (black)
Job Timeout Use Driver/Command
Wait for Timeout Use Driver/Command
Paper Selection Method Select Paper Tray
Data Format TBCP 
Toner Saving Off 
Color Profile Auto
Orientation Auto Detect On 
Reverse Order Printing Off
Toner Saving Off
Color Profile Auto
Orientation Auto Detect On 
Resolution 600 dpi (standard)
Color Setting Super Fine
Process Color Model Color
I/O Buffer 128kb
Subnet Mask 255.255.255. 0
IPv6 Stateless Setting Active
IPv6 Inactive
Ethernet Speed Auto Select: Disable 1 GB/s
I/O Timeout 15 seconds
IPv4 Address 10. 1. 10.228
IPv4 Gateway Address 0. 0. 0. 0
IPv4 Active
SMB Active
Fixed USB Port Off